The 7 Power Principles


Standard does not exist for your spirituality. Having one takes the full burden off of you. Your belief system and spirituality will give you Hope and Expectation where you don’t see any. This is your POWER propelled 

Your Unique Path

Passion, Purpose, Plan, Pursuit and Push. Become aware of your distinct Passion, the Purpose it can serve humanity, execute the plan to live within your Passion and Purpose, Pursue it relentlessly and vow to Push through fear daily; this is POWER in execution


Your relationships are an extension of you. Every relationship deposits into your life. Having clarity where each relationship is within your circle supports healthy deposits and life changing withdrawals.  This is your POWER maximized 


Your finances are meant for you to be able to accelerate within your POWER. How you manage your finances is critical to your ability to live within your Passion and Purpose and Inspire and Empower others to live POWERFULLY  

Health and Wellness

Your Physical, Emotional, Mental Health are essential to your POWER pace. Physical health will allow you to show others that they can live a life on Power, Emotional Health will help you understand your barriers to your POWER and Mental Health provides clarity of your challenges and helps you love yourself and others regardless 

Your Energy and Your Vibration

Everything in the universe is made of energy including you; your energy will either be a connector or deterrent. Your personal vibration is your Velcro. You will attract and invite in what your vibration is attracting and inviting. Energy goes where energy grows and POWER goes where POWER grows.


Leadership is your servant POWER; there are no leaders without followers and it is challenging to lead if you were never a follower. Your leadership will inspire behavioral and mindset change, empower actionable steps and generate goals that are specific and achievable for your family and team