what if she knew she was powerful

2018 Life on Power Luncheon


"What if She knew She was Powerful" is YOUR D.I.M. solution! Become excited about the Power you were born with and be Propelled to take Your Power from dormant to Powered UP. Wake up the person who is unaware that they are not yet Living upright in their Power and taking advantage of all of Your Purpose Amenities

"What if She knew She was Powerful" Luncheon features Inspiring, Empowering and Impactful panelists, featured guests and keynote speakers. Why do You need to Power UP? Your Legacy needs it

Your General admission include; A Power Swag Bag, Two Impactful Panels, Two Empowering Keynotes, AM Coffee/Tea/Pastries, Power Lunch and creative spoken word that Opens up the luncheon and prepare attendees for part 2 after lunch

Your Legacy needs it

2018 Luncheon Highlights